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When we reminisce about our childhood days and bask in the glory, we recollect all the games we played with our friends, siblings, etc. We were clever enough to devise our games with our rules or adhere to the board games at our disposal. Whether it was carrom, snakes, ladder, or Ludo, we’ve had a share of our enjoyment with these ordinary-looking games which gave us extraordinary joy.

The vehemence of the pandemic swallowed the possibility of playing these games in person. But the rising technology filled the void and helped us to cut short the distance between our loved ones and we efficiently connected through the medium of digital gaming platforms.

Ludo is one of the most commonly played games online with millions of players ready to roll the dice. The evergreen Ludo fever never died down but instead moved to a more accessible digital form anywhere, anytime.

But, have you ever wondered what if the game you’ve always played had your version? Meaning, what if you develop a Ludo game yourself? Wouldn’t it give you the feeling of complacency knowing your loved ones are connected and having the nostalgia on roll?

Ludo: Reigning the supreme land of mobile gaming

The popularity of Ludo in the gaming market has culminated quite well in recent times. The easy interface and the cross-platform play be it on IOS or Android, a mobile or laptop, pc tablet, and whatnot. The easy access and the portability of this app have garnered heaps loads of attention from various age groups ranging from children to old people.

One can tailor the game, to their requirements and enhance their gaming experience. The best part is that if you want to play with your friends, you need not worry about the internet connection at all. The offline mode availability makes it feasible to enjoy irrespective of place and network issues. Further, you’ll get an insight into the features that are a part of Ludo on a digital platform.

  1. Voice chat/ sound options
  2. Customization: Choosing different themes
  3. Multiplayer: Online and offline mode
  4. Achievements, competitions, and leaderboard display
  5. Options to use stickers and text while playing
  6. Connect with players via different social media platforms.
  7. Simple and easy to understand
  8. Easily accessible
  9. Commendable graphics with frequent updates
  10. Invite people via Facebook or various other apps to a specific private room.

Essential Factors for Developing a Ludo App

User-friendly interface and User experience

The most essential part and the head start for developing a Ludo app is a user-friendly UI for an engaging and immersive experience. You need to make sure that you design an interface that is easy to navigate and has clear instructions. You’re aware of the user-friendly interface of the various Ludo apps you might have come across and you need to do the needful if you’re willing to develop one on your own.

The UI should be in such a manner that it enhances the overall gaming experience subsequently making it easier to access and enjoyable. The crux of your roadmap should center around reaping attention. To acquire that you’ll have to shell out a little more from your expense.

Multiplayer Functionality

Being a social game, the multifunctionality in a Ludo game is a must to factor in. It is necessary to pay heed to implementing both online and offline modes of playing. With smooth matchmaking and bug-free experience in private rooms. This function should be easily accessible in various cross-platforms like Android. iOS and Windows.

Prompt updates and bug fixes

Good app testing will give you an insight into what you can do to enhance the experience of the player. Constantly be hell-bent on improvements because player feedback plays a major role in keeping the game fresh and peculiar in its way. No user would want lags, bugs, or any other interruptions while playing. Moreover, the ceaseless updates not only make the app worthwhile for the existing users but also captivate new users, and hence you can gain more users and more profit.

Size of the application

If you think a great-sized app will gather more functionalities, features, and many other extensions then you might have erred in excess.  Your Ludo app can be sui generis with as minimum size as possible because no user would want a larger size app in their device that uses up their storage excessively. So, you need to make sure that a small app with feasible features and regular updates will cost you more than the average price but the results would be favorable.

How much would it cost to develop a Ludo-inspired app?

There is not an exact amount that is to be calculated in the development of an app like Ludo but there are certain undermining factors that will give you a clear picture about the estimations. It’s as simple as that. The higher you want your graphics, mechanics, and features to be, the higher the price you have to pay.

The cost determination lies within how advanced you want the features to be in your Ludo app, including all the customizations. Meticulous app testing and quality checks that require resources will be an additional cost you need to add to the list.

The cost determination also depends on what kind of developer you’re approaching. If the developer is in high demand or experienced, the cost will be higher than you expect. It also depends on what platforms you want your Ludo app to develop. Advertisements, copyrights, licensing, and all the maintenance require consideration for budgeting.

A basic estimation for you to have an idea about expense

If you’re looking to develop a Ludo app with a basic interface you need to have a budget that starts from INR 10,00,000. The advanced and upgraded features will begin at the rate of INR 15,00,000. And lastly, if you want to rise above the whole commonly available Ludo apps in the market then you’ll need extra tech functionality that starts from INR 20,00,000.

Conclusively, the whole idea of developing a Ludo app can be fruitful and rewarding in many aspects because you’re bringing a wave of nostalgia to people in a digital form. You might face numerous challenges like you might not earn more than you expected or it doesn’t run as smoothly as you thought it would but tribulations embark us on a journey of betterment. Look on the positive side and strategize with all your wit and intelligence. Think about the joy and entertainment you can bring to the masses. As humans we always have to develop ourselves and what we create.

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